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We are very proud to announce that ShoutEm has been selected as one of the top 5 Web 2.0 startups to watch in 2010!!! This list has been made by and its editor Kristin Burnham. It is so cool to see ShoutEm on a list together with BackType, Evernote, Kosmix and Posterous; fantastic and very popular startups.

Kristin’s words about ShoutEm:

ShoutEm lets you customize a secure microblogging network where you can share photos, files, links and locations with only the people you want—great for businesses looking for a secure alternative to Twitter. Or, if you prefer, you can synch your account with Twitter and Facebook. ShoutEm has also rolled out a mobile client for BlackBerry and iPhone users.


Microblogging is what ShoutEm offers now, but very soon we’ll introduce support for mobile social networks, location aware applications and networks, augmented reality and a new design. We hope these new features will boost ShoutEm user base and thousands mobile social networks will be created using our service. Do you already have yours?

2009 was a great year for us, as more than 10.000 mobile social networks have been created using ShoutEm and we have received many awards and recognitions, but we are really looking forward to 2010 and new features that we plan to introduce.


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Viktor is getting ready!

Shout’Em team, Viktor and Sasa, will visit London once again, because Shout’Em has been selected for Seedcamp week 2009! Croatia lost against England, now they have to pray to God (and Fabio Capello) to help them visit South Africa next year. That’s what happened yesterday in London.

First things first. Viktor and Sasa had only 3 minutes to kick some ass, and show judges that we deserve to participate in Seedcamp week. And they did it. 3 minutes of clear symphony was enough to deserve big applause . Judges had 7 minutes to ask them some questions, and of course, everything ended very quickly, so they could sit down and enjoy presentations from other teams. We hoped that Eduardo da Silva would join them on stage, but he sent an email saying that he is not allowed to leave hotel today, but even without him, presentation was perfect. Other teams were also fantastic, but Viktor and Sasa had a felling that they were good enough to be selected for Seedcamp week 2009.

Move away, I want to invest in Shout'Em!

Move away, I want to invest in Shout'Em!

Evening was reserved for “geeks night out”, and watching the football match England vs. Croatia in Red Bar. Food and drinks provided by Seedcamp crew were great. Everything was great for our team except the game that Croatia showed at Wembley. They had no chance against England this time, some of Croatian players should choose different career. Maybe they could invest some money in Shout’Em? 100% win!

Evening ended in tears, but with hope that new day will bring new victories. And it did! Seedcamp crew announced top 21 teams that will participate in Seedcamp week 2009, and Shout’Em is one of them!!! As Borat would say: very nice! Whole Shout’Em team is very proud and excited, this is big recognition for all of us, but we will not stop now. Let’s hope Seedcamp week 2009 will bring us more happy moments. And some money 🙂 . Fingers crossed.


Seedcamp Week is an intensive week-long event held in London every September and is targeted at young entrepreneurs from across EMEA. We are proud to announce that Shout’Em has been shortlisted for Seedcamp Week! This means we are one of only 40 start-ups in whole EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region selected to come to London on September 9th, 2009, where we will get 10 minutes to present our Shout’Em start-up to the judges (some of the selected start-ups are mentioned at TechCrunch). Judging committee consists of representatives from some of the biggest venture networks who will select 20 teams to attend Seedcamp Week, which will be held in London from September 21st to September 25th. Five winners will get funded with up to €50k each, and get the opportunity to get help from various experts. Let’s hope Shout’Em will be recognized and selected for Seedcamp Week. Fingers crossed!

Eduardo da Silva got an idea for a new investment! It's Shout'Em!

Eduardo da Silva got an idea for a new investment! It's Shout'Em!

On the same day football match England vs. Croatia will be played in London, let’s hope we’ll win again. Expect our team to be dressed up as football players, and expect Eduardo da Silva or some other players to join us on the stage and help us in presentation, as we will help them on the stadium during the football match 🙂 . Of course, we know Croatia will win, no doubt.

Vote for Shout'Em in The Europas

Vote for Shout'Em in The Europas

TechCrunch Europe, the European outlet of the leading web 2.0 technology blog TechCrunch, has opened voting for the best European technology companies. Called The Europas, the tech innovation award honors the best technology companies and startups from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

TechCrunch Europe will be holding the first Europe-wide technology award ceremony in London on July 9th.

Shout’Em has been nominated for the best European web application or service, along with our friends at Zemanta and startups like Waxoopa and Xing. Support Shout’Em by voting at the Europas!

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Shout’Em has been chosen one of three winners of Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana, along with Viidea and Yasmo Live. Seedcamp Ljubljana included 20 of the best early stage startups from the region (Slovenia, Crotia, Serbia, Romania,…). Representing Shout’Em at the event were Saša, our lead developer and COO; Viktor, our CEO who presented Shout’Em and myself.

Seedcamp Ljubljana was Superb

As Viktor has already pointed out, Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana has been the best startup event we’ve participated so far. Everyone was really friendly and willing to help, including the investors. 😉 The recession has hit the investment scene pretty hard, and the focus on business-2-business solutions has increased dramatically. Thankfully, with projects such as the Microsoft WinDays and Horsetweet networks, Shout’Em can offer a b2b business proposition.

It’s news, right?

Mike Butcher of Techcrunch

Mike Butcher of Techcrunch - Photo by Marinshe

Alongside the startup presentations that included our friends from LongURL, Mike Butcher of Techcrunch gave a talk on how startups should approach journalists and bloggers. When to get a PR firm, what’s news and why you should keep in mind that media people are, in the end, people as well. One of the best pieces of advice was that you should keep pitching the media with that you’re doing, because it’s people like Mike who decide what’s newsworthy, not us.

Seedcamp Ljubljana was awesome and Ljubljana was absolutely beautiful. We’d like to thank the Seedcamp team, with Resma Sohoni as the lead, for a great experience. This event wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our good friends at Zemanta (Andraž, Aleš, Gašper, Jure… You know we love you guys!), so we thank them as well. To our users, both at Seedcamp and everywhere around the world, thanks for the support!

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Shout’Em has been picked as one of the 20 best web startups in the region, to be featured and presented at Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana. What’s Seedcamp, I hear you ask? Seedcamp is a week long event featuring 20 young entrepreneurs who showcase their startup ideas. At the end of the week, five of the teams get an investment of 50.000 pounds as well as ongoing mentorship and support.

What is Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana 2009.?

Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana is a pre-Seedcamp event that is going to bring 20 of the best regional startups from the central and east European region (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia,…). We and the other 19 teams (including LongURL, Irondomain, Favorfly, Maritime Connector and MojMag also from Croatia) will get 5 minutes each to present their startups. Presentations by featured Seedcamp mentors as well panel discussions are going to fill up the day nicely.

Barcamp Ljubljana is going to take place the next day, May 15th. We invite all of our friends in the region to join the Shout’Em team at the unconference! You know we love a good Barcamp… See you in Ljubljana and thanks to Seedcamp for the opportunity!

Shout'Em in Plan B Magazine

Shout'Em in Plan B Magazine

The launch campaign for Shout’Em, that landed us on Mashable, The Next Web, Profy, Techcrunch and other blogs, has been featured as one of 101 great marketing ideas by Croatian pop culture magazine Plan B.

They say:

…Shout’Em generated a lot of buzz in a short timeframe among early adoptors – users who are the ones that first try out web services and new technologies. Not only did users create over 1000 networks, but they also provided helpful feedback at the very start of the project… What can we say? If you ever need a viral campaign, these guys know how to make it happen!

Thanks to Plan B for the feature! We promise to do even more good marketing in the future. Other ideas in the article include:

  • Podravka’s Coolinarika cooking community;
  • Citroen’s CSI (Citroen Super Intelligence) parody TV ads;
  • guerilla campaign.

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