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We have a bunch of new things in a new version. Our web developers worked hard on new features and bug fixes, and now we have version 0.58 published. Also, couple of days ago we published a new version of our Android applications, and new iPhone applications have been submitted to the appStore, and we’re waiting for the approval.


  • MailTemplateFooterUnsubscribeHtml does not contain HTML mark-ups anymore
  • Activity feed displays only original shouts (with no replies)
  • Fixed forwarding to Facebook (check-ins with photo attachments and no text were not forwarded)
  • API now returns correct avatar if AvatarType is Undefined
  • If a user wants to use the same email on multiple networks, he/she needs to use the same password. Password recovery procedure rewritten.
  • Minor syntax issue in registration thank you note fixed
  • “Load more" option added to "view all pictures", and "view all pictures" now returns images uploaded with reply shouts.
  • Password recovery does not contain HTML markups anymore
  • Fixed typo in "thank you for registration" message
  • Fixed bug with ShoutLike that caused shout text to be incorrectly formatted
  • Chief status is now rewarded to a user if he/she commits two successful check-ins
  • Foursquare venue is now created during status forwarding if it did not existed at Foursquare side already
  • Fixed bug that prevented shouts to be forwarded to Twitter by using CatchAllShouts operation
  • Fixed bug that prevented user to be rewarded with HotStuff badge
  • Fixed bug in RSS serialization that caused shout texts to look as they are repeated twice in a single tweet
  • Forwarded status shout text now contains @ PlaceName string at its end if some place is attached to that shout
  • Link is now forwarded to Facebook, even if there is no status text present
  • Some small bug fixes…

As always, you can report bugs and suggest ideas at our support network . Also, you can follow us on Twitter and become our fan on Facebook.

Here are some of the new features and bug fixes in a new version:


  • MessageCount and NewMessageCount are now calculated dynamically. This should remove bug with „ghost“ messages in message inbox.
  • All traces to SMS login are now removed
  • Two additional promo pages added to NetworkProfile.
  • AvatarProviderType set to Unknown if MemberAvatarSet is executed. This should remove bug with iPhone avatar uploaded, but not displayed
  • Places and events are now likable. Member can announce that he/she likes a place or event same way as he/she was able to do that for shouts
  • Foursquare venues lazy fetch re-enabled.
  • Likes shouts, Badge shouts and New Chief shouts are now forwarded to Facebook and Twitter
  • Some internal code changes
  • Some bug fixes…

If you have any problems, please report them at

It is a summer, most of us had a summer holidays, but we kept adding new features and fixing some bugs. Here are new things developed in a past couple of weeks:

  • Toolbars are rearranged in order to group all network related actions in upper one, and all user related actions to lower one. Help link moved to footer
  • Unused setting resource strings removed
  • Badge name translation error fixed in reply mails
  • Wrong formatting for unsubscribe text in FavoriteShout notification mail fixed
  • Events link removed until we develop this feature completely
  • Fixed a bug that caused saving changes after editing a place in a admin panel
  • Users can search for locations now. They can search for a location name, address or inside specific radius from selected location.
  • Fixed few minor bugs.

As always, you can report new bugs and request features at .

Here is the overview of all things that we’ve done lately:

  • Phone registration page is removed as SMS service is no more with ShoutEm. We realized that on average only 5 updates per month were done via SMS, and we decided to remove this feature. More and more users have smartphones and are able to use our mobile applications, and we plan to focus on them. It’s time to say goodbye to SMS. Goodbye.
  • Bug in ShoutEm Admin interface that prevented customer to edit place fixed (clicking on Edit did not show Place edit view)


  • Megaphone badge implemented  (awarded for 10 check-in forwards to Facebook or Twitter)
  • Fixed a bug that caused not giving a Hot stuff badge to users who’s shout have more than a five likes
  • Implemented a function that deletes everything related to a deleted user
  • Header teaser is shown only if a user is not logged in
  • To prevent spam, a user can send only 250 invitation emails

Here is the list of the things that we’ve done in a version 0.42.

  • Fixed a problem that caused shout search not showing correct results
  • Added a link to the FAQ in a toolbar
  • Removed teasers on a NetworkHome page if a user is logged in
  • Added a link to a NetworkHome page in a toolbar
  • Users can choose not to receive an email when someone likes their shout
  • If someone tries to create a network and for the subdomain chooses a name that has less than a 3 or more than 64 characters, a message: “An address length must be higher or equal to 3, and less or equal to 64” will be displayed.
  • some minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

A couple of days ago we released a new version of our iPhone app. It includes some important new features, as well as a new design. Here is the list of all new features in this version:


place about accounts

  • added a new tab in a navigation bar which displays your friends on a map as well as a list of all your friends
  • it is possible to show a place logo on a map
  • when you add a new place, its address and other details are automatically added
  • users can login using their Facebook and Twitter account
  • users can find their Facebook and Twitter friends who are already members of Shoutem network
  • notifications are shown when a user checks in (promotions, badges, mayor…). Some of the notifications can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
  • when some place has some kind of promotion, an extra tab is added with that info.
  • users can add a new place using the button in a “nearby places” list
  • if a number of characters have reached its limit, it becomes a red and popup message is shown when trying to post a shout
  • multiple languages. Language is selected based on global iPhone settings.
  • if a place has a promotion, “pins” on a map are presented as stars
  • in place details, user can see the number of his/hers check-ins, time of the last valid check-in, some custom info…
  • when a user tries to check-in, and if his/hers location is near his/hers last location (where check-in has been made), the former location is automatically selected
  • it is possible to post a shout with any content. For example, it is possible to post a shout which has only a picture attached
  • the skin has been changed significantly. Many new controls have been added, some elements are changed, and everything looks much more professional.
  • some bug fixes and small changes, especially regarding the stability.


places_list public_activity places_map

login_screen If you have some older version of the app, and you do an upgrade, you might have some problems with a user interface. In that situation, we suggest you to uninstall the old version and install the new one.

This version makes a solid ground for the final development of our branded iPhone apps, which we already test and which should be available to purchase very soon.

You can download our iPhone app from the appStore.


What do you think about new version of our iPhone app? Post some comments here or at .

Today we published yet another version, with some new features and bug fixes. Here is the list of all new things:

  • Fixed friend/shout count bug.
  • If you forward your shout to the Twitter, we will always show an URL to the original shout.
  • In a public network, when you click on a network logo, it takes you to the Network Home; in a private network, it takes you to the UserHomePage.
  • Fixed some bad links in email notifications.
  • URLs leading to place or shout are now much shorter.
  • + some other small things.


If you see some of these features not working please report at the

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