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Our Android developers worked hard in the last couple of days to develop new features for our branded Android applications. These features are bringing us closer to the final version of these apps, and also to our general Android application. Here is the list of all new things:

  • Users can now see other users profiles.
  • It’s possible to follow / unfollow other users.
  • Show only friends timeline.
  • When posting a shout, users can attach photos.
  • Activity screen doesn’t show comments. Comments are visible on
  • It is possible to save application to SD card.
  • Some bug fixes.

We have one more known bug to solve: forward to Twitter doesn’t work yet.

If you use some of these applications, and you find some bugs, please report them at our support network.

It’s a big day for us. Today we submitted our first branded Android apps to the Android Market. With Android, we decided to take a different approach. We decided to build a couple of branded apps first, and after we test them, we will build a general ShoutEm application.

There will be 4 branded apps available to download: Grind, WeHarlem, Artylizer and Punkt. These apps are in early beta with a minimal set of features. For now, these features will be available to users:

  • Login with ShoutEm ID
  • Login/Sign Up with Facebook connect
  • Login/Sign Up with Twitter connect
  • Public shouts feed
  • Posting a new shout
  • Check-in
  • Deleting a shout
  • Status forwarding to Facebook
  • Status forwarding to Twitter
  • Nearby places list
  • Place – details
  • Place – shouts
  • Place – visitors
  • Upcoming events
  • Event details

There are also a couple of other features left to be developed in a future:

  • Finding friends on Facebook
  • Finding friends on Twitter
  • Sign Up
  • User’s profile view
  • Friends view
  • Followers view
  • etc.


As we mentioned, this is only early beta of our Android apps, so if you see any bugs please report them at

A couple of days ago we released a new version of our iPhone app. It includes some important new features, as well as a new design. Here is the list of all new features in this version:


place about accounts

  • added a new tab in a navigation bar which displays your friends on a map as well as a list of all your friends
  • it is possible to show a place logo on a map
  • when you add a new place, its address and other details are automatically added
  • users can login using their Facebook and Twitter account
  • users can find their Facebook and Twitter friends who are already members of Shoutem network
  • notifications are shown when a user checks in (promotions, badges, mayor…). Some of the notifications can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
  • when some place has some kind of promotion, an extra tab is added with that info.
  • users can add a new place using the button in a “nearby places” list
  • if a number of characters have reached its limit, it becomes a red and popup message is shown when trying to post a shout
  • multiple languages. Language is selected based on global iPhone settings.
  • if a place has a promotion, “pins” on a map are presented as stars
  • in place details, user can see the number of his/hers check-ins, time of the last valid check-in, some custom info…
  • when a user tries to check-in, and if his/hers location is near his/hers last location (where check-in has been made), the former location is automatically selected
  • it is possible to post a shout with any content. For example, it is possible to post a shout which has only a picture attached
  • the skin has been changed significantly. Many new controls have been added, some elements are changed, and everything looks much more professional.
  • some bug fixes and small changes, especially regarding the stability.


places_list public_activity places_map

login_screen If you have some older version of the app, and you do an upgrade, you might have some problems with a user interface. In that situation, we suggest you to uninstall the old version and install the new one.

This version makes a solid ground for the final development of our branded iPhone apps, which we already test and which should be available to purchase very soon.

You can download our iPhone app from the appStore.


What do you think about new version of our iPhone app? Post some comments here or at .

As we’re coming closer to the end of this year, it is good to set up the plans for the next one. Last year was very exciting for all of us, as we’ve seen ShoutEm growing very fast from the moment it was made public at the LeWeb ‘08 conference exactly a year ago. At this moment, we host more than 10000 mobile social networks, with that number raising every day. The whole team worked very hard to introduce some new features, and bring the concepts of some new interesting features which we will develop in 2010.


What are our plans for the 2010?


1. We plan to position ShoutEm as a service for creating mobile social networks.

shoutem_iphone_app Niche microblogging definitely has a bright future, but there is a huge space for a mobile social networks. As smart phones are gaining more and more market share, we think that we can, and we should offer a service that can connect all mobile users and offer them a new experience. We’ve already started with developing applications for the mobile operating systems, with iPhone, BlackBerry and Java applications already available for use.


2. Location aware applications and networks

places_map With most of the smart phones already equipped with some kind of a GPS device, we want to take the opportunity and use a GPS data. We plan to make a service which will be able to create location-aware shouts. What do we need that for? Wouldn’t be nice to come to a restaurant and using your mobile phone see all shouts ever written in that restaurant? We also plan to add some additional features on the top of that service, like rewards, titles, etc.

We will also display a list of points of interests near a user, which he can use to find any spot that he needs.


3. Augmented reality

AR1 On the top of location-aware shouts feature, we will include support for augmented reality. Users will be able to see all shouts written at a certain place just by pointing their mobile device camera at that place. It will also display a list of your friends who recently visited that place, with their avatar and information displayed in a “bubble”.


4. New design

Exclusively on ShoutEm blog, we present you some screenshots of new designs for ShoutEm networks. Please note that this is only a proposal, some things might change, but you can see a general design and all new features integrated in it. Also please note that these are not all designs that we plan to have.

With new design and features, we are trying to provide network administrators a way to create more Facebook-like mobile social networks. Microblogging will still be one of ShoutEm’s core features, but with integration of all features mentioned above, we think it’s time to redesign our networks to provide better user experience for our users. These changes will affect current html code, and also some parts of CSS files. Network administrators will have to change their current CSS files if they want to achieve the same look of some parts of their mobile social networks as before. We will give some time to network administrators to adopt to new html and CSS codes, so we won’t enable new design immediately.

This is a huge improvement for the ShoutEm and network administrators, as we’ll be able to provide new features and a new user experience for our users. It will also provide better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for ShoutEm networks, which can help network administrators to have much more members. We strongly believe that our new features will help network administrators to create fantastic mobile social networks, attract much more users and boost network traffic.

Click on a thumbnail to see a picture in original size, and please post your opinion in comments.


shoutem-profil_lightBlue shoutem-profil_back01 shoutem-profil-serif BW


What else do you want to see? Are there some new features that you want ShoutEm to implement? Do you have some idea for us? Please give us some feedback in your comments.

Finding some members for your mobile social network is only one part of the job. Keeping them happy and engaged is another task that you have to accomplish to have a successful social network. Here is the list of 6 steps that you can take to become a better network administrator.




1. Make a good design.

Although we have 18 pre-defined styles that you can use on your social network, you may want to customize the way your mobile social network look like. Try to choose some nice colors, because if you choose to have red text on green background, your members will find it difficult to read, and they could decide not to participate in your network anymore. Look at some of our successful mobile social networks and their beautiful designs, and try to accomplish the same user experience for your members as they did for theirs.


2. Edit your profile.

Have your real picture as your profile picture and provide real data. People want to have trust in their network administrator, and showing them your picture is a good way to start gaining their trust.


3. Start interesting conversations.

You must have been an expert in some niche, for example, in ASP.NET MVC. That means that you know so many interesting stories for your members, and you have so many links to share with them. Then do it! Give them a reason to engage. Share your thoughts, opinions, experiences and links with them, and try to engage them with a simple sentence: "What do you think?". It’s a call for action for them, and they’ll probably reply.


4. Join some conversations.

Your network is not all about you, and you have to show that to your members. Follow the things they’re doing and saying, and start talking with them. Share your thoughts on a subject, and your members will appreciate that. As you have more and more interesting conversations and shouts, your network will be more interesting for your members and, most likely, they’ll come back more often, and they’ll even invite their friends and colleagues.


5. Set up the rules and follow them.

Write down the rules for your mobile social network. Define what is forbidden to do and to say, and define what’s going to happen to a member who violates your rules. Tell that all links to warez/porno are forbidden, that it is not allowed to insult other members… you get the point. If somebody breaks the rules, give him a warning. If he continues to break the rules, ban him from your network. You’ll lose one member, but other members will be happy, because they probably don’t want to see him on your network, either.


6. Reward your members.

From time to time, you can organize some kind of a prize game for your members. Try to find some prize. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one; a t-shirt should be enough. You can also try to find some sponsor for your game; software company which is willing to give one or few licenses for their product, or a restaurant which is willing to give a free dinner for one of your members; possibilities are endless. Then set up rules of your choice. The winner can be whoever writes the most shouts in one week or whoever starts the most replied shout. This will give a motivation for your member to shout more and more, and to come back more often, and to be happier… and that’s what you want, you want happy members!


What do you think about this? Which qualities should a good network administrator have? What are your experiences? Post it in comments.

If you think you can do all this, the create your own mobile social network on . It’s free!

shoutem_welcome_screenShoutEm’s iPhone app has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store!

The ShoutEm iPhone app is actually two apps in one: it’s a fully functional Twitter client, but in addition to Twitter, you can also use it to read and write posts to twitter_timelineany of the networks on ShoutEm, as well as StatusNet, the open source microblogging service.

For example, let’s say that you’ve created a network on ShoutEm for your coworkers, but you also have two accounts on Twitter. With the ShoutEm iPhone application, you can easily read the posts and write new ones for all three networks, all from one place.

Here are the most important features of the ShoutEm iPhone application:

  • handle multiple accounts on your favorite microblogging networks: ShoutEm, Twitter or StatusNet (
  • browse through your friend’s statuses, public statuses or mentions
  • update your status (with photo or location attached)
  • explore user profiles, their followers or statuses/tweets
  • follow or stop following users
  • explore received or sent private messages; write direct messages to users
  • track conversations in our threaded view (ShoutEm specific)
  • status search

Click here to download ShoutEm iPhone app for FREE

shout users_profile

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When it comes to popularity of Twitter clients for iPhone, Tweetie is definitely one of the top contenders. With its cool features and ease of use it soon became one of the most used Twitter clients for iPhone. Our team likes it, too, and now we have another reason to like it even more: new version of Tweetie supports ShoutEm!!! Now you can use Tweetie as a ShoutEm client, and shout from your iPhone.


How to setup Tweetie to use ShoutEm?


Step One – Press the ‘+’ button


Step Two – Enter your ShoutEm network’s credentials and then click on the settings button (bottom right)


Step Three – Enter your network’s URL and add ‘/api’ at the end


Step Four – Shout!


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